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Crazy Sexy Random

For reals.

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Welcome to Crazy Sexy Random. Have you ever seen a bluebird? I like this soda. My hair looks weird today. I wish my CD player on this computer was working. It smells at the doctor's office, you ever notice that?

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Oh, this ISN'T a rating community. I am a firm believer in the belief that ANYONE can be random. So, everyone and anyone can join. Also, therefore, you may leave when you want to. So, yeah. Thats the introduction. The main basis of the community. Main basis? That made no sense. It was beautiful.

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1.)) Stay active. I don't mean post every single day, okay? That just sucks. But, whenever it crosses your mind, post. Yes?

2.))Post anything. Your random thoughts, random things that happen throughout your day, random pictures you take/find, random rants about practically nothing ("seinfeld rants"). Just make it random.

3.))No themes here. That limits randomness. And I can't do something like that.

4.)) Be nice. Everyone that joins, everyone that leaves. Just be nice about it. I hate communities that have so much drama that it prevents why you wanted to join in the first place. Stay aloof, man.

5.)) My fifth and final rule is promote. Also, don't promote in the community unless you've cleared it with me first. To contact me about promoting, or about making your community a sister community, use AOL or AIM to reach me at shyead.

Emilzzle Dizzle Fo Shizzle

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Mod 1 ("Thing 1"):: awkamedes; Oregon; "DON'T DRINK THE KOOL AID!"; Created this thing.

Mod 2 ("Thing 2"):: kayndiegurlie; Oregon; "I love being in a cult!"; Just has to be a mod because she is blonde.